Beware the adhesives


PVC beads and profiles are showing up on the market, to which glass mesh strips are glued by means of unknown adhesives. Such beads include dripnose beads, reveal beads, PVC groove beads with mesh. We noticed that after a short time streaks appear on the surface of the plaster exactly in the place of the glue path (pictured). This is especially noticeable on dark plasters.

Our company does not use adhesives to attach the mesh to the bead. This connection is made using the so-called ultrasonic weld where the connection is based on the energetic bonding of two PVC elements.

Such form of bonding guarantees first of all a very strong connection of the glass mesh with the PVC profile, resistant to all agents (also thermal and chemical) and, secondly, guarantees the absence of the above mentioned streaks and discolouration.