Profiles for thermal insulation systems

Thermal insulation systems for buildings, for which our company manufactures finishing profiles, are commonly known as the “light-wet” method (jointless insulating systems), where the „light” element is the thermal facing, i.e. extruded polystyrene or mineral wool, and the “wet” element is structural plaster applied on the facing in the form of joint compound reinforced with fibreglass mesh.

Currently, the European Union’s nomenclature uses the ETICS term (external thermal insulation composite system). The general feature distinguishing this method of buildings’ insulation is the mounting of thermal facing to exclude the formation of thermal bridges, and to limit the destructive impact of water seeping into the elevation.

A complete ETICS systems should comprise the following elements:

  • thermal facing
  • connectors for the mounting of facing
  • reinforcement fibreglass mesh
  • adhesive for mounting of the facing and adhering the reinforcement mesh
  • structural plaster
  • finishing profiles

Our company’s product portfolio includes a full range of finishing profiles. We supply all profiles which are necessary to correctly construct an ETICS elevation, thus improving its quality, durability and aesthetics.

We guarantee products of the highest quality, technological consulting and successful approval procedures of the finished elevations.