Buy the original

Buy only ORIGINAL BP with Technical Approval AT-15-9164/2013 together with Appendix No. 1.

We regret to notice that products similar to those offered by our company and other with very low quality appear on the market more and more often. The lower price of these products should arouse your suspicion.

Unfair competition drastically reduces quality wanting to offer a lower price. The most common are products extruded using the cheapest raw materials, without expensive additives and stabilisers guaranteeing the resistance of the beads to UV A, UV B rays. Often also fibre glass mesh without technical approval is used. Another problem is the inadequate stress relief of the cooling PVC bead. Poorly annealed PCV bead can cause measurable losses within a few months after being installed in the façade.

But first things first…

Keep in mind that as long as the PVC bead is in storage it is safe.

The problem occurs when it is installed, for example, in the thermal insulation on the seventh and eighth floor of the building – for example a dripnose bead with mesh.

And if the bead is badly annealed and installed in such a way, after a few months due to temperature change from negative 25 degrees C to positive 45 degrees C in the sun (Polish conditions), the bead will start twisting and bending. The forces that are then formed are so great that the bead begins to slowly tear the plaster layer. Cracks are formed. Rain water penetrates the plaster and the process of destruction commences. If to this we add an „economic” PVC raw material and cheap fibreglass mesh – we have a recipe for complaints.

Costs incurred by the contractor make up a long list: the cost of scaffolding, the cost of dismantling large parts of the façade, the cost of recycling polystyrene, fibreglass mesh and plaster, the cost of installing a new façade in damaged areas, compensation and loss of trust. So as you can imagine – it is not worth to buy low quality products manufactured by unqualified manufacturers who want to sell their goods for „any price”. Repeatedly collecting compensation will not be possible in this case, because during the debt recovery process it will turn out that the manufacturer does not own anything: rented production hall, leased machines…

When purchasing Bella Plast products – always request a Declaration of Conformity. At present our company additionally marks most of the products with a red BELLA PLAST imprint on the fibreglass mesh and large black imprints with the company name on bulk packaging.